AssalamuAlaikum Brothers & Sisters

We pray that your Ramadan is going well and it is with regret that we have to make a statement regarding the recent uncalled-for attacks on MDL by our fellow brothers/sisters from MPACUK. We seriously did not wish to burden you with such petty issues especially on the last ten days of Ramadan, where we are seeking Laylatul Qadr in which the night is better than a thousand months. So we want you to read this, internalise the message and focus on the most important thing, which is the worship of Allah SWT.

"The first House (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka (Makkah): Full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings:" [Qur'an 3:96]

A senior MPACUK advocate posted a very controversial status regarding Mosques in the UK and she also made a direct comment regarding the Holy City of Makkah and her exact words were: “and Makkah is the worst dog house on earth”. This status went viral and many Muslims were rightly disgusted and thus commented. They refuted her claims and she later retracted her comments and said it was poorly worded. The status had over 2000 comments eventually, where MPACUK attacked MDL and begun false allegations of MDL condoning rape diverting everyone’s attention from the primary issue. Please keep in mind that her Facebook was open and any trolls were able to hop on and comment, which they did. Two individuals in particular started to comment and made vile attacks on the status, which we do not support and fully condemn. Our Admins who included Black Panther and known supporters like Waseem, attempted to correct the individuals who were using vile language, and requested them to remain mannered. In the same way that we have EDL trolls that like our page, we have unknown Muslims who also like our page. Now just because of this reason Asghar made the false assumption that they are “senior” MDL members, but this is far from the truth. We have no affiliation with those who made those vile comments and we certainly did not make any threats to the sister in question and fully condemn such actions. We are still waiting for evidence for the claims that these people are MDL Admins and “senior” MDL members. One of these individuals has now come out and said that he is closer to MPACUK than MDL (We have proof of this). Recently they have conjured up an article “exposing the Chechnyan Wolf” in which they claimed that Chechnyan Wolf was one of the vile commentors. They provided no real proof and now it can be revealed that the actual person has stepped up and said that he is “Batta Lion” is also a close friend of an MPACUK member, he commented but this comment was deleted from the MPACUK page. (We have a screencap as evidence).

When these allegations were made, Chechnyan Wolf called Asghar Bukhari on the phone to clarify issues offline and attempt to maintain the peace and reduce the fitna, however Asghar Bukhari immediately attempted to record the conversation without Chechnyan Wolf’s permission, this lead to an apology from Asghar Bukhari for his deception as Chechnyan Wolf immediately realised he was being recorded. An agreement was reached that this attack will stop and we will deal with the issues offline, however MPACUK failed to maintain their word. This is the second instant where they have attempted to record a conversation without our permission; this is nothing but treacherous behaviour towards fellow Muslims.

Adam Tee another MDL admin attempted to discuss with Asghar Burkhari the allegation and requested proof of MDL using vile language and attacking fellow Muslims. He did not come with anything and when told that he has more of a history when it comes to attacking Muslims and using insults/mockery, he claimed that the Prophet SWAS used the same tactic when correcting Muslims. Adam Tee and others were shocked by these comments and asked for proof of when the Prophet SWAS used insults and mockery towards his companions to correct them. The best he came up with was that he was “harsh” but this is not the same as insults and mockery.

Again we are still waiting for the requested evidence that admins and members who we can say are official associates made these vile comments. From past occurrence we must note that rape allegations in the real world and online are very serious and should not be taken lightly. We sincerely hope that this is a misunderstanding on their part as it would be a disgrace and an insult to real victims if this was being used to further their agenda. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the real victims of this evil crime.

We have confidence in those we associate with and are fully aware how each and every Admin and closely affiliated member conduct themselves, according to the correct Islamic etiquettes insha’Allah and we say this with confidence from analysing the screen shots of the whole conversation and know exactly what was said by our Admins/supporters and what was said by random people on an open profile. After all of this another Admin (Saladin) attempted to contact the sister and even offered to resolve the issue offline, further, another sisters offered to mediate between them and when Asghar Bukhari found out he forbade this from taking place. After all this Saladin even offered an apology but this fell on deaf ears, this is why we believe that Asghars Bukhari attempt to tarnish MDL’s name is a nothing more than a publicity stunt and a continuation of their attacks on Muslim organisations and Mosques. He notified a BBC reporter about this and when the reporter was given our side of the story the reporter said “all sounds ridiculous and I will ignore it, do let me know if you have any actual stories that need covering”.

We should remind everyone that Asghar Bukhari was one of the main opponents to the Newham Mega Masjid and this campaign included Islamaphobes and right-wing politicians. Members from MPACUK have stormed Mosques and disrupted Jummah prayers, one incident in particular is Masjid Al Tawhid and this involved the sister who made the controversial status regarding Makkah. After disrupting the Khutbah the Imam had a meeting with them and they requested that the Imam talk about issues like Palestine. The Imam agreed and said that they would do more, however this did not stop them from publishing the video and one can only assume that this was once again done for publicity and nothing else.

Again we would like to emphasise that we did not orchestrate any threats or harassments against this sister and we certainly did not create any images defacing them with silly remarks and such actions we condemn. We did not create any “MDL Task Force Group” that is a fake set up by trolls and we did not set up the “MPECUK” page as well. (We have proof from the page creator that he is not MDL). Our Admins and Supporters have been trying to refute and give our side of the story on their Facebook page but the comments have been deleted and they have been banned. Considering all the above it is now clear that people like Asghar Bhukhari are now acting like the very Islamaphobes they claim to fight against. After a period of insignificance MPACUK have taken a radical step in attacking the very people they claim to protect. You only have to observe the YouTube clips to see the numerous attacks on Organisations, Mosques, Muslims and now most recently the Holy City of Makkah.

MDL does not want to further discuss this issue as it will only distract our fellow brothers and sisters from doing the most important act of worshipping God in this holy month and attain his mercy. Continue in your Salah, Quran recitation, istigfhar and make dua for the guidance of all.
We would like you to accept our humble apology for any inconvenience or offence caused during the last few days, may truth prevail over falsehood. May Allah unite us in our aim to work in His way, may He give us the tawfeeq to be sincere in our work and may He be pleased with us.

(For proof of all of the above, please visit the below page which refute all the false allegations made against MDL).